We Europeans want to encounter each other on a thematic basis. That is why the workshops lie at the heart of EBB. Each workshop should have about 10-20 participants from at least two European countries and each of them should focus on a specific topic. The workshops run over two days in three modules. Each participant can choose to join one or more workshops.

The subject/content of a workshop can be anything that interests us citizens. After all everything has European aspects.

The workshops are offered, prepared, organised and carried out by a workshop leader/leading team. Here you can find an overview of the workshops planned so far for 2020:

The workshops can be very diverse. Watch the video of the workshop European Historical Awareness from the EBB 2018.

Current list of workshops:

More workshops will be added!

If you or your club/association would also like to offer a workshop or project, then please complete this form: