Who is the EBB?

Our team is cross-generational, committed and, on a voluntary basis, highly active in shaping a Europe of citizins.

What does the EBB do?

“Let’s get together!”; that’s our motto. Europeans meet every two years in Kassel. In addition to this, we have launched a new platform called ‘EBB ONLINE’, where we encourage discussion via video conferences on current affairs. This is how we promote sustainable European interaction and understanding.

How can I participate in the EBB?

For guests: Do you want to be part of the EBB in Kassel? – It’s quite simple: Contact us via this form and your on board!

For other interested parties:

Become a member of the organising team: Our OrgaTeam meets at regular intervals of two weeks and for about 2 hours. Contact us per mail and come on board. We are looking forward to meeting you and hearing your ideas!

Offer a Workshop: You are interested in a certain subject area, you have a passionate hobby or you want to turn a long-cherished idea into a project? Within the framework of the EBB, you have the opportunity to offer a workshop over two days consisting of three modules. Alternatively, you can offer only one or two modules – no problem, we are flexible!

Interpreting / Translation Services: You may not be a certified interpreter, but you are proficient in languages and, above all, you do not want to let your language skills waste away, but rather use them regularly and actively? – Great! Don’t hesitate for a minute to contact us or fill out this form, because EBB and EBB ONLINE are offering you an excellent opportunity and you decide to what an extent, when and in which context it suits you!

Become a host family: You are hospitable, open-minded, have ‘a spare room’ and are interested in hosting a fellow European? Perhaps you have already had a similarly positive experience. There really is no better way to welcome someone personally to a country, to exchange ideas directly and sometimes to lay the foundation for a friendship that will last for years. And all this by simply filling out this contact form…it couldn’t be easier!

Donations: Within the framework of the EBB ‘live’, we are always looking for donations/contributions that enrich our EBB Supporting/Social Programme. As we usually organise a buffet as part of the social programme, you could, for example, make a culinary contribution to the buffet…and so on, and so on….

Financial support: You are enthusiastic about our initiative and would like to support our international activities financially? We would be moste grateful! We appreciate any donation which will enable us to further develop our initiative in the long term and in a variety of ways.

Marketing: You are convinced that in this day and age this is the kind of initiative that many more people need to know about? Go for it! Help us to make EBB better known locally, regionally, nationally and internationally. Tell friends and acquaintances about it, send them the link to our homepage, encourage them to take part in our events or to contact us, ask questions, contribute their ideas. Thank you so much! You are already helping us to take a big step forward!

Where does the EBB take place?

The EBB takes place in Kassel. As a large city in the centre of Germany and Europe, Kassel offers good transport links in all directions.

Why should I come to Kassel?

Kassel is great!

What workshops are on offer for the EBB 2024?

You can find a detailed list here.

What was the EBB 2018 like?

150 participants from 8 European countries; this is the statistical summary of the First European Citizens’ Meeting in 2018.

On four consecutive days, among other things, a demonstration and a brilliant Europe party were organised within the framework of the workshops, the cultural programme, enabling an intensive dialogue between all participating Europeans. From getting to know each other for the first time, to stimulating discussions with different points of view, worries and fears, new insights and perspectives, to laughing and celebrating together at the end of the four days, all participants were visibly moved by how ‘intense’ and how good this step towards a Europe that is once again demonstrating solidarity feels.

Is the EBB part of the European Union or Parliament?

No, we are an initiative of the Europa-Union Kassel e.V. and PulseofEurope. The Europa-Union is the German branch of the “European Support Lists” and can already look back on a 70-year history. As a non-party association, it is committed to a united and inclusive Europe.

What does it cost to participate in the EBB?

Anyone who wants to participate in the EBB should be able to do so. This is very important to us!
Accommodation in host families is free of charge. In principle, it is also possible to apply for a travel allowance to attend the EBB in Kassel upon presentation of the travel tickets.
Generally, we consider it reasonable for everyone to make a personal contribution of 50€.
PLEASE NOTE: We request a 50€ fee. If you apply for a travel grant
, this contribution will be waived.