Our motivation – in a nutshell

Like so many citizens of Europe, we asked ourselves, “what can I, what can every individual, what can we, as citizens, do in concrete terms to promote and shape a European identity?

However, for an active European civil society, people need to have the opportunity to take part in mutual discussion and be willing to evolve. In addition, an active European civil society of this kind needs to be constantly maintained.

Our European Citizens’ Meeting provides a framework for such a continuous and lasting discussion between us Europeans.

Who are we, how are we organised and how do we work?

We are a group of volunteer Europeans from and around Kassel, from “the middle of Europe” so to speak.

Our organisational team plans, organises and coordinates the plans for the overall project that are relevant for the EBB 2020.

We reach across all generations, with students, working people as well as retirees forming the team.

In order to plan the European Citizens’ Meeting 2020, project meetings which last about 2 to 2.5 hours take place every two weeks in Kassel.

If you are interested in being a part of the organisational team, please let us know; you are always welcome.

Contact: admin@kassel-ebb.eu

Our next Orga-Meetings:

Date, TimeLocation
08.10.2019, 18.00Geschäftsstelle, Treppenstraße 5
22.10.2019, 18:00Geschäftsstelle, Treppenstraße 5
05.11.2019, 18:00Geschäftsstelle, Treppenstraße 5

Be a Host Family

We are also looking for host families who can offer accommodation to visiting European individuals or families. If your are interested in offering accommodation to one of our European guests, then please write to us at

Email address to be announced

Offer a Workshop

If you would like to organize a workshop or offer a lecture as part of our program, please write to us at ististplatzhalter@email.eu. Introduce yourself and your idea in the e-mail!