All over the world, people are campaigning for more democracy and
co-determination. The non-governmental organizations “Mehr
Demokratie e.V., Democracy International e.V., Democracy Without
Borders e.V.” are in a global network for democracy and unite people
and support them in their work. In doing so, it aims to strengthen
direct democracy and citizen participation. In the lecture and
discussion, we will focus on the EU reform processes that are
urgently needed in Europe: EU Citizens’ Initiative; EU Convention;
EU Elections; Lobby Transparency; Europe+ and Citizens’ Councils.

Furthermore, they strive for a democratic world community. They
advocate for a right to democracy at all levels, for global institutions
that are democratic and effective, and for equal world citizenship. It is
m reforming the UN and reviewing the Charter. The “We The Peoples – Campaign” advocates for a UN Parliamentary Assembly and a UN
World Citizenship Initiative – all of which will be topics.

Workshop leader: Markus Möller
Meeting place: Available soon
Language: German, English