Multi Evil Multi Ways

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The workshop we want to present to international community of The Pulse of Europe is an offer for all who are interested in experiencing and reflection on cultural diversity and its roots. The minilectures will interlace with group exercises such as: court simulation, group work on working sheets (reflection on location of evil in different cultures).
The activity of Transformatornia Foundation in area of multicultralism has been increasing since 2019 when The MultiEvil-Multi Ways project is being implemented for the first time.

The main issue we tackled in the project was establishing social consensus on the rules of individual and social morality at times when the more and more frequent coexistence of various worldviews in the space of the cities take place.
The openness of the pluralism of the project is evident in the fact that we gave. our voice to individual communities without judging one overriding perspective.

The effects of the project are presentations which were prepared by our experts from different cultures which shows how perception of evil functions in different cultures/religions. Each participant of the workshop will receive them as a tool for preparation. Each participant will also receive the worksheet for the group work.

We hope to to get to know each other better. People of Europe – Diverse Europe.

See You in April