The railway is an important factor for technology development in Europe – initially started in England, it quickly took a step forward on the continent too, with Henschel, an important inventor and manufacturer for the first locomotive and the Transrapid, who had settled in Kassel.Many of these objects can be seen in the technology museum in an old Henschel hall, so that in this workshop the history of the railway can be traced back over two centuries.
After a tour of the tour and lectures, it will be worked out how this development went in the individual countries of the group of participants.

1 .module Friday, 2.9.22 – 10°° Meeting at the gate of the DB vehicle maintenance facility
a) 10:30 Welcome, round of introductions in the conference room of the plant
b) Introduction to “Railways Connecting Europe
c) Presentations/question round of the participants
d) 11:30 -12:30 lunch break in the factory canteen (meal and drink approx. 10€)
e) 13°° – 14:30 Factory tour
2nd module Friday 15°° at the Technik-Museum Kassel
(entrance fee + guided tour 9€/person)
a) 15:30 – 17°° Guided tour of the TMK with a TMK staff member (language to be decided)

3rd Module Saturday, 3.9. – 10°°
a) Meeting at the Henschel Museum
b) Guided tour of the Henschel Museum by Mr. Helmut Weich – Topic: The Henschel-Family and their contribution to Kassel.
c) Question and answer session on Henschel and the company’s development (lecture room) and a glimps in the Henschel-archives. with Dr. Kurt Bangert.
Lunch break 12°° – 13°° with dinner in the lecture room of the Henschel Museum, 12€/person” from the caterer Fam. Müller

Workshop leader: Dieter Clauß, Bodo Ehrlich, Karl-Ludwig Geißler
Max. 15 participants

Venue: “Technikmuseum” Kassel
Languages: German, English, French, Polish


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