The railway plays a major role in development of technology in Europe – starting in England, it quickly advanced to the continent, with Henschel, having settled in Kassel, an important inventor and manufacturer, starting with the first engine through to the Transrapid.

With many of these items being on display in the “Technik Museum” located in an old Henschel factory buidling, this workshop explores the history of the railway over two centuries.

After a tour around the museum and a talk, the participants will examine how this development has progressed in the various countries represented in the group.

Workshop leader: Dieter Clauß, Stefan Krönung, Bodo Ehrlich, Karl-Ludwig Geißler
Max. 30 participants

Venue: “Technikmuseum” Kassel
Languages: German, English, French, Polish

Starting time to be announced.

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