Module 1 (10-12h)

Getting to know the “abp – Akademische Bildungsplattform e.V”.

The EU is facing global challenges such as mass migration more than ever before. Citizens of Turkish origin founded the “Akademische Bildungsplattform e.V.” to successfully master these challenges. On the one hand, it is committed to popular and vocational education, for example through student support. It also promotes an international outlook and respect for all cultures. With our range of services, we respond to current social, cultural, educational and labour market policy developments and challenges. We support people with a migration background in expanding their language skills and are committed to supporting children and young people in their educational development. To this end, we cooperate with the relevant authorities, advice centres and migrant organizations. We are very pleased to be able to make an important contribution to integration and society through our ten German classes.

Module 2 (14-16h)

Artistic creation.

The RUMI Cultural Center e.V. was founded in July 2009 to bring people from different cultural backgrounds together to collectively defy intolerance and disrespect. Through projects on artistic, musical, and interreligious levels, encounters between locals and newcomers are facilitated. Discussion groups, reading days, mutual visits to religious institutions, courses on traditional musical instruments and painting techniques, diverse sports activities, as well as projects for children and teenagers to engage with their city, such as “I know my city” or “Who was actually? – Namesakes in our city,” are just a few examples.

We warmly invite you to get to know us in our workshops. Through artistic creation, we aim to foster cultural encounters. Participants will learn the enchanting art of watercolour painting and the art of beautiful writing (calligraphy).

An open buffet will also ensure culinary delight alongside the workshops.

Workshop leader: Sema Turgan
Meeting place: available soon
Language: German (more languages eventually)