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The people of Europe are facing enormous challenges. One of them is the threat and destruction of democracy and freedom by Putins Russia. We can only defeat the dictatorships together. Therefore, Europeans from different countries will meet to discuss how we can overcome the challenges.

Module 1 (Friday, 2.9.2022, 10-12 h)

How could it come to the war of aggression?

Since 24.02.2022, Russia has been waging a war of extermination against Ukraine and the people there. So there is again a war of aggression in Europe. How could it come to this? Have we learned nothing from two world wars in the 20th century? Why couldn’t the UN, the EU and NATO prevent the war? Who did what wrong: Russia, the West, Ukraine? We want to discuss these questions in order to draw the right conclusions for the future.

Module 2 (Friday, 2.9.2022, 14-16 h)

How must the Ukrainians be helped?

People from Ukraine who now live in Kassel have been connected with the church of St. Joseph am Rothenberg in Kassel for years. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, it was quickly clear to help them. The Ukrainian friends sent two lorries with relief supplies to Ukraine on 2 March. Generous donations from the population followed. The foreign service of Malteser in Kassel, the Association of Ukrainians in Kassel, the police union and many partners have together brought 43 aid transports to Ukraine in the meantime.

At the Rothenberg itself, the church and clothing store open several times a week for food, clothing and other aid. The commitment is great. The help is provided mainly by German and Polish helpers, Syrian/Kurdish and Ukrainian volunteers – many with refugee experience – on a voluntary basis.

In the workshop module, we want to get to know these helpers better. We want to discuss how they can be anchored even more broadly in the population. We will also get to know the water backpack “Paul”. This is the important invention of Professor Frechen from Kassel, which can provide 1200 litres of drinking water a day without the use of chemicals or energy in war zones.

Module 3 (Saturday, 3.9.2022, 10:30-12:30 h)

What do we have to do and do better in the future?

To be able to live in freedom in the future, we have to fight for democracy, human rights and the rule of law. What structures do we need to build for this in Europe? How do we have to shape democracy? How can we use it to contribute to a peaceful world?

For peace, the fight against the climate crisis is particularly important. Sustainability and responsibility must shape consumption, mobility and industry much more strongly. Urban planning, agriculture and forestry must adapt to climate change.

We want to discuss these questions and seek answers. Because only together in Europe can we drive these developments forward.

Workshop leader: Stefan Krönung, Malterser Kassel
Meeting place: Kichort St. Joseph in Kassel (Marburger Str. 87, 34127 Kassel)
Language: German, English, Ukrainian