Module 1, 02.09.22, 10.00-13.00: A European Federation – why it would make the EU a more democratic place and why we need it now. (Marcel von Collani)
The European Union is in many ways an imperfect union: although it is not as undemocratic as populists across Europe would have us believe, it undeniably has a democratic deficit and is perceived by many citizens as opaque. At the same time, some member states have systematically dismantled democratic norms and the rule of law in recent years. In this module, we will analyse the fundamental structural deficiencies of the EU that have led to these problems and explore how its transformation into a European Federation could address them. Topics covered include a European Constitution, a revision of the institutional set-up, European citizenship, genuine European elections with top candidates for the office of President of the Executive, and the creation of a European public sphere. We will also look at recent debates and developments, such as the reform of European electoral law with transnational lists, the abolition of the Member States’ right of veto in the Council and the consequences of the conference on the future of Europe. Finally, we will discuss whether it is still best to tinker with the functioning of the European Union piece by piece in order to make progress. Has this approach reached its limits in the face of too many crises? Is it time to take a bold step in European integration and create a European federation – “right now”, as the saying goes? Or would this jeopardise the entire project?

Modul 2, 02.09.22, 14.00-17.30: Direct democracy and citizen participation in Europe. (Markus Möller, Democracy International e.V.)
All over the world, people are campaigning for more democracy and participation. Democracy International is the global network for democracy and brings these people together and supports them in their work. In doing so, Democracy International aims to strengthen direct democracy and citizen participation. In the talk and discussion, we will focus on the EU reform processes that are urgently needed in Europe: EU Citizens’ Initiative; EU Convention; EU Elections; Lobby Transparency; Europe+;

Civic Councils:

Modul 3, 02.09.22, 10.00-12.00: Democracy at world level. (Democracy Without Borders e.V.)
Democracy without Borders strives for a democratic world community. We advocate for a right to democracy at all levels, for global institutions that are democratic and effective, and for equal world citizenship. The talk, followed by a discussion, will focus on UN reform and the review of the Charter. Furthermore, the UN Parliamentary Assembly and the UN World Citizens’ Initiative as well as a platform for global voting will be our topic.

Workshop leader: Marcel von Collani and Markus Möller
Max. participants:
Venue: Zukunftsdorf 22, Sandershäuser Straße 79, 34123 Kassel (hinter dem Sandershaus, Hostel Kultur Bar)
Languages: German, English