The Order of Malta Volunteers know Europe and are at home in Europe. Of course, Europe is a relatively safe and prosperous continent. However, not everywhere! The Order of Malta Volunteers (Malteser Hilfsdienst) mobilised its helpers and put its experience and material resources at the service of the people affected. In order to give this aid a sustainable perspective, it also founded independent Malteser relief organisations in 13 countries of Central and Eastern Europe between 1989 and 1996. To this day, groups of the foreign service are in partnership with many of these organisations. In our workshops, we want to report on this and look at the “Europe” of disparity and emergency aid from this perspective.

Workshop leader: Stefan Krönung
Max. munber of participants: 15

Meetingpoint: Chruch St. Josef, Marburgerstraße 87
Languages: German and other languages

  • M1, 2 and 3 Foreign service in practice – 1450 “banana crates” fit onto a big truck. With helpers from the St. Joseph Social Church, we pack some of them in the clothing store at Rothenberg.