Everyone should speak at least two languages, their mother tongue and Esperanto.

As a neutral international language, Esperanto as a second language for all can significantly strengthen the integration and solidarity of Europeans. Unlike all ethnic languages, Esperanto is perceived on the personal and political level of citizens as the best means of communication and understanding for real transculturality, democratic bilingualism and ecological conformity. The workshop is intended to be a forum for information and learning about this language. Its competence, applicability and current use will be presented – from the perspective of active Esperanto speakers and from the perspective of integration into the language policy of the European Union.

Location: The “kulturinitative Harleshausen” (KIH) -(cultural initiative Harleshausen)
Kassel-Harleshausen, Karlshafener Straße 2 (am Ossenplatz)

Module 1 – Friday 2 September 2020, 10 am – 1 pm

  • M1.1. Why is Esperanto spreading?
    Louis von Wunsch-Rolshoven (German Esperanto Federation in Berlin) talks about current perspectives of the neutral international language,
    Speech with discussion, approx. 2 hours, German
  • M1.2. Esperanto a neutral international language as a second language for all
    Short introduction with a film, approx. 1 hour, German, English, Esperanto

Module 3 – Saturday 3 September 2020, 10 am 1 pm

Contact to workshop leader

  • Wolfgang Günther (Esperanto-Rondo inthe “Kulturinitiative Harleshausen”, Kassel)
  • Kulturinitiative Harleshausen e.V. KIH
    Karlshafener Str. 2, 34128 Kassel, 0561 – 88 71 60, kih-kassel@gmx.de, www.kih-kassel.de

Would you like to take part in the workshop “Esperanto and Europa”? Then please drop us a line at workshop@kassel-ebb.eu

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